Purpose of life in Islam

We all must have wondered at any stage of our life about the purpose of our life, too many questions around that topic which are difficult to be answered by many of us.

Why are we here on earth and what is the purpose of our life?

Are we here as a punishment for a sin that we did not commit?

Is there justice in this life?

What is the reason for all this pain and suffering?

What will happen after death?

We can consider a good relationship as one of the best blessings that one can have, but what about our relationship with the creator of everything?

Do you think your life would be better or worse if you followed your creator's guidance?

Some people would argue that the purpose of life is to get rich, but then there would be no purpose after becoming wealthy. If your purpose is to make a happy family then you will lose your motivation after getting married or raising your children.

The same applies to any wish or desire we have, to really understand the purpose of life we need to see the bigger picture.

Islam clearly addresses the purpose of life, the purpose of life in Islam is to worship and obey Allah.

Muslims believe that this life is just a short stage, it is actually a test that will shape the next phase of our life after death.

In Islam “Which comes from the word surrender in Arabic” you surrender yourself to the creator, he created everything and he directs everything, during the judgment day every act we did will be assessed, people will be rewarded for every single good thing they did and justice will prevail and based on this each person will enjoy eternal happiness or eternal punishment.

The below video is a lecture done by Professor Jeffery Lang, who explains the purpose of life from the Quran and how this filled his life with peace after converting from Christianity to Atheism and finally to Islam.

Le but de la Vie par Jeffrey Lang

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